Why Exchange Links?

Exchanging links does two things for you.

The first is that search engines regard a website that has a lot of links pointing to it (from other websites) as a popular or quality site, so they will rank you higher. By exchanging links, we benefit each other.

Secondly, having related links on your site increases the value of your website to your visitors. Bear in mind that the links you choose should be quality sites, otherwise the opposite is generally true. Don’t forget that your visitors are looking for quality information rather than a long list of links that just look good on your page.

Why Link To This Site?

This PR3 website is content-rich, with quality information. The presence of Google’s AdSense itself is an indication that our site has quality contents and traffic as Google is very choosy about who they allow to participate in their AdSense program.

How To Link?

If you’d like to link to this website, here’s the information for the link:

Great Landscape Photography aims to help you learn about shooting great landscape photographs with some simple techniques, no matter what kind of camera you have. The site provides information about the various elements that go into making a great landscape photo, when to shoot them, the best types of filter to use, going digital instead of sticking with film, various photo-related software titles, checking if your local weather will be suitable and some different types of camera to use.

Or you can copy and paste the HTML code below:

How To Exchange Links?

If you’ve added a link to Great Landscape Photography to your website, send an email and let me know that you’ve put a link up on your website and let me know what webpage the link appears on.

If you’d rather just send a contact email asking for a link exchange, that’s fine too. Just let me know onto what page on your website you’d like to add a link to Great Landscape Photography. You’ll also need to give me the information for your link and what you’d like me to put up on this site.

Links will be placed on this Resources page. If your information is too long, I reserve the right to edit it.

Links will be vetted for quality of information and richness of content. Once a link exchange has been accepted, give me a couple of days to put your link up and then check this Resources page again to confirm that your link is up. That’s all there is to it.